Mahogany is one of the most expensive wood in the world. Although it is used for the production of furniture for many years, it is also a strange face in China. Many people do not understand how mahogany furniture is . The following Omido Xiaobian Take everyone to understand the advantages and disadvantages of mahogany furniture .


Mahogany Introduction

Mahogany originates in Central America and Africa. Dutch colonists brought Indonesia to India more than 400 years ago. Big-leaf mahogany grown in Indonesia combines the dual advantages of reddish and mahogany mahogany.

1. Hard texture, small shrinkage, beautiful wood grain, and easy rotatory cutting and slicing of wood. Good sculptability, good paintability, viscose, dyeing and staple.

2. Big-leaf mahogany is an evergreen tree, which can be more than 15 meters in length. Its whole body is smooth and glabrous. Its twigs have obvious lenticels on the outside. Because mahogany wood is light reddish brown, it is like the color of peach. Get its name.


The advantages and disadvantages of mahogany furniture

Advantage one: insect repellent and durable

Mahogany is hardwood and its texture is compact, which makes it highly resistant to corrosion. Visible, mahogany life is also extremely long. At the same time, mahogany has a unique fragrance that can repel termites. For people in the ant pan area, it is the only choice.

Two advantages: the appearance of simple

Furniture made of mahogany, in addition to hard wood, heavy, solid and durable, and the appearance of a natural texture, beautiful fashion, color and simple. Does this set of furniture come with a low-key aristocratic temperament?

Advantage three: green

Mahogany furniture as a pure solid wood furniture, green is one of its characteristics. In such an era of advocating safety and environmental protection and emphasizing green energy conservation, the characteristics of “purely natural” mahogany furniture are precisely the soft underbelly of people.

Disadvantages: Mahogany is peach color, the color difference is more obvious, a large area of ​​use will make the furniture texture is not clear, highlighting the number of black sand, so mahogany is generally used as a partial decoration.

The above is the entire contents of mahogany furniture how about the advantages and disadvantages of mahogany furniture, you know? If you want to learn more about furniture, you can pay attention to GO Home Information Channel.

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