Modern people pay great attention to home decoration. Many families choose to tile when decorating. It looks very beautiful and beautiful. However, inadvertently during the paving process may lead to glazed glaze on the surface of the tile . If there is flaw on the floor, it will make people look uncomfortable. What to do if the glaze on the surface of the tile is damaged ? If there is no replacement of tiles, there is What is the easy way to deal with it? Let's learn it right away.

First, first, take a look at the reasons for glaze damage on the tile surface

What will happen to the tile glaze? Because the water absorption rate of the inner wall tiles is relatively large, and the water in the air is self-contained, and the billet encounters the phenomenon that the moisture in the air will swell, allowing the body and the glaze layer to Can produce force. When the force exceeds the range that the glaze cannot withstand, cracks will occur. Another reason is that if the adhesive layer is improper during construction, for example, if cement, sand, and water are used together, the volume change during the curing process will cause the glazed tile to withstand the capacity to crack or severely crack the glazed tile.

Second, how to prevent the tile surface glaze damage

1, before paving ceramic tiles can be used to add some appropriate coarse sand, the purpose of doing so is to increase the speed of water evaporation, reduce the shrinkage of the curing force;

2. During the pavement process, try to keep the wall moist. (The tile must be fully submerged before construction. The purpose of this is to reduce the adsorption of the cement. If the slurry is solidified in the brick, it will cause glaze cracking.) The quality and the effect of post-paving are also very important. It is recommended to buy a big brand and the quality is guaranteed.

Third, how to do the tile surface glaze damage

First remove the floating dust on the surface of the clean tile, and then repair and fill the damaged parts first.

Method: First use an electric grinding wheel to slightly grind the surface of the tile to increase the roughness. Then use a professional tile surface adhesive (or elastic putty) to smear the gaps in the tile. If necessary, apply an alkali-resistant fiberglass net to the damaged tile surface.

There are two kinds of tile scratches, a tile scratch is a surface glaze damage, indicating that the surface structure is not damaged, clean and no traces of the floor surface, the other is a tile scratch, such as sharp equipment will be broken through the brick surface, A scratch on the damaged tile surface is formed. Even if the scratch is wiped off, a dark black scratch mark will soon be formed.

We can use tile repair agent to repair tile scratches, and then use repair agent to trace scratches at the cracks. Wait 30 minutes before painting again. Wait until it is dry before painting it again until reflections are seen from the side. After this treatment, the tiles can be kept in long-term cleanliness at the scratches; in addition, scratches on the deep-bricked tiles can also be polished by the water mill, but they must be carefully polished, otherwise there will be more damage to the pits or tiles, such as Matte, wider scratches.

If fine lines are used, you can use fine sandpaper to dip in some water and carefully polish it on the brick surface. Remember, it must be wet. This method can get a good effect on small scratches on the brick surface.

Xiao Bian summary: how to do the glazed tile surface ? You know it, this simple way, do not move, you can easily restore the original oh. Friends who need to repair the tiles at home can give it a try and hope to help everyone.

What to do if the glaze on the surface of the tile is damaged

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