The "two rows and two wires" hanging vines are the most widely used method of hanging vines. The slings are divided into four and then hung on the four main branches of the same plant, which are tapered. "When the crane costs a lot of money, it is simple and quick to use a rope to hang a round pepper." This is the reason why many vegetable farmers adopt this method of hanging vines. The fact is also true. This method of hanging pepper is simple and quick, but the sweet pepper should be spread out when it grows up, but the slings are close together, so that the branches can not be expanded together, causing the branches to close, and the photosynthetic products are reduced. Consumption is too much, causing a long period of time.

In fact, the length caused by this method of hanging vines is easy to solve, and you can change your mind. If the planting area is large, the vegetable grower can still divide a plastic rope into three or one, but it should be hung on the branches of different plants. For example, the sling on the east side of a sweet pepper is divided into four. After that, two hanging on the outer side of the sweet pepper on the east side, two hanging on the inner side of the sweet pepper on the west side, which is beneficial to the outward expansion of the branches, enhance the ventilation and light transmission of the plants, increase the photosynthetic rate, and is beneficial to maintain vegetative growth and Reproductive growth is balanced to avoid plant growth.

Of course, there is a more scientific method of hanging vines, that is, two rows of three-wire hanging vines, that is, one wire is pulled into the planting row, and then a wire is added between the two wires. Used to hang vines.

Adopting such a method of hanging vines can increase the opening degree of the pepper branches, reduce the canopy of the branches of the plants, and make full use of the space, which is beneficial to the photosynthesis and increase the fruit setting rate and yield. However, after adopting such a method of hanging vines, the colonization line is very crowded. Especially in the first batch of fruiting results of peppers, due to the large number of pepper branches, the use of such hanging vines increased the opening degree of the branches, which caused the plants to be closed and not airy, and it was also gray mold at this time. In the high incidence period, it often causes high incidence of gray mold, and there are many rotten flowers and rotten fruits in the pepper, and the closed environment will increase the fruit drop and lower the fruit setting rate.

In order to avoid overcrowding, the row spacing and the row spacing of the planting row can be set at 1 meter, but the flat ridge with a height of about 10 cm is operated, and then the pepper is planted on the slope of the ridge, so that the row spacing of the planting row is Naturally expanded to about 116 cm, after the planting line increased by 16 cm, then take two rows of three wire hanging vines. Although the operation is narrower, the use of two rows of three-wire vines makes the pepper branches more inclined to the side of the planting line and does not hinder the operation of the farming.

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