Recently, I believe that everyone has seen a hot spot. Scientists have issued a second warning: More than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries and regions have signed the "World Scientists Official Warning Against Humanity: Second Notice." The first warning was Hawking's prediction that in 2600 the Earth would become a "fireball," and humans would have to migrate to other planets to survive. Do you think these things are far away from you? So are the mists, water pollution, and various cancer rates we face now far from you? There may be nothing that we can do about the big things, but what can we do for the small things in our lives?



Hawking predicted that humans would immigrate to Mars in 2050; humans would enter outer space in 2100 and new species would emerge; the earth would be destroyed in 2215; the earth would become a fiery “fireball” in 2600.

In the Deepwater Horizon oil well accident in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, the smoke caused by the big fire covered the sun.

The confrontation between humans and nature: Cows are still eating grass in the blazing Amazonian Amazon.

Mexico City continues to expand, under the shadow of dense human buildings, the natural scenery has vanished.

The increasingly depleted oil wells are another evidence that humans have destroyed the ecology. The picture shows the Kern River field in California.

Dead bird. An albatross wreck lies on the beach of Midway Island, far from the world's commercial center. The cause of death was eating too many human plastic products. This scene has become commonplace on this remote island.

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13 things we can do

1, considerate environment from changing the light bulb

If you think that environmental protection is a difficult task, changing a light bulb is probably one of the easiest environmental behaviors. It is estimated that if a 60-watt incandescent lamp is replaced with a high-quality energy-saving lamp with a power of 11 watts, it will reduce power consumption by 80%.


2. Abandon bathing and choose shower

Taking a bath in the shower can save two thirds of the cost by saving water and electricity compared to the bath.

3, waste batteries should be recycled to prevent pollution of tribute cadmium

Ordinary dry batteries, button batteries, and cell phone batteries often contain heavy metal contaminants such as cadmium, trigonum, and manganese. Therefore, they must be placed at designated collection points.

4, cleaning supplies are also environmentally friendly

The chemical composition of detergents can destroy the self-purification of water and can also cause chemical toxins to accumulate in fresh water. Therefore, such products should be used with environmentally friendly labels.


5, to the refrigerator defrost

When the thickness of the frost in the refrigerator freezer reaches 10 mm, it will increase power consumption by 1/3 or so than normal.

6, let the junk stay in the right place

Recycling and sorting waste can save a lot of resources.

7. Reuse of high-quality plastic bags

Reuse waste packaging to reduce consumption. Bring eco-bags when shopping.

8. Everyone plants flowers and plants

Flowers and plants can absorb carbon dioxide, absorb dust, and release a soothing fragrance.

9, the appliance should not be constantly standby

According to a survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy, 75% of home use points are used to keep appliances on standby.

10, drinking fountains do not use power when not in use

Turn off the power when the water dispenser is idle. Each unit can save 366 kWh of electricity, which is equivalent to 351 kg of CO2 reduction.

11, home appliance plug in time unplugged

If the country’s 390 million user households are all unplugged after using electricity, they can save 20.3 million kWh of electricity each year and reduce 1.97 million tons of carbon dioxide.


12, the computer to standby instead of screen protection

When using a computer instead of a screen saver, each desktop computer can save 6.3 kWh of electricity each year and reduce CO2 emissions by 6 kg.

13, rational use of fire to save gas

To adjust the fire door at any time, timely adjustment of the small flame when cooked can not only maintain the flavor of the dish, but also save about a quarter of gas consumption.

New home environmental protection testing

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