Art mold floor maintenance requirements

The art mold floor can truly imitate the texture and color of natural stone, wood, and brick, and solves the damage to our environment caused by long-term exploitation of natural resources, and protects the ecological environment of our modern city. The art mold floor has the characteristics of low cost and environmental protection. And adulthood is strong. We do not have to worry about the disadvantages of loose and uneven ground caused by traditional paving. And the construction process is very simple, and the post-conservation skills are easy to master. Let's take a look at the maintenance requirements of the art mold floor.

1 The construction of hardening die floor materials is generally conducted outdoors. It should be prevented from rainy weather and windy weather. The construction environment temperature is generally above 2 degrees.

2 flush the floor surface: to be hardened mold floor completely dry solidification molding at least 2-3 days after the use of water or detergent to clean the surface, the cleaning surface must ensure the same level of floor cleaning, otherwise it will cause the ground color depth is not one.

3. Coating curing agent: After the surface of the hardening hardening die floor is completely dry and no moisture is left, the liquid curing agent can be applied on at least one day to make the surface of the hardening die floor anti-smudge non-slip and reinforced again. After completion of the hardening mold floor in addition to good decorative, its physical properties are also very stable.

4 hardening curing floor maintenance stage must prevent people from entering or leaving other projects or construction operations

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