There are a growing number of integrated products on the market, such as integrated walls and integrated ceilings. When we buy, businesses will send masters to install them. We usually busy with work, did not quite know how these processes is to install it? So, today we introduce the following through the relevant keel integrated ceiling installation diagram, take a look at the keel integrated ceiling installation diagram solution now!

Integrated ceiling keel installation diagram

Step 1. In the installation of ceiling money, we need to first play the line, according to the height of the floor, use the spirit level in the space to carry out the level of spring line, through the spring line to divide the approximate position of the ceiling. The mounting position of the keel can be marked according to the ceiling line drawing of the ceiling.

Integrated ceiling keel installation diagram

Step 2. In the actual ceiling of the ceiling, the position of the boom is perforated, as a fix, approximately at a depth of 5 cm, and the area is larger than the expansion bolts of the ceiling. Calculate the position under the boom, hit the expansion bolt into the hole, and then screw it.

Integrated ceiling keel installation diagram

Step 3. After the boom is installed, it is necessary to install the keel. For the overall stability, install the side keel first, and use the nail gun to fix the keel to the wall according to the horizontal line that was used before.

Step 4. The main keel is the main force point, and it is the same length as the room when installed. According to the ceiling design of the drawings, the keel is installed under the opposite boom, and the angle and height are adjusted. After the level is reached, the expansion bolt can be screwed.

Step 5. The sub-keel is installed to share the force of the main keel, so it is mounted on the lower end of the main keel. The shape is a cross, parallel to the width of the room. After the keel is installed, the galvanized iron sheet is used to connect the keel to the main keel. During the installation process, the size and position of the electrical appliance must be maintained.

Integrated ceiling keel installation diagram

Step 6. After the keel is installed, check whether the level is flat and the height is the same. No problem, the next step is to paint, to ensure the durability of the ceiling, to prevent rust, corrosion.

Integrated ceiling keel installation diagram

Step 7. The last step is to install ceiling electrical products, according to the design diagram, to see the distribution of electrical installations, installation of electrical appliances, connected lines. Install free space in ceiling tiles to see if the splicing is smooth and if the appliances can be used. If there is no problem, you can seal the repaired plate module. The material is not easy to be dirty, and it does not require special cleaning.

With regard to the installation plan of the integrated ceiling keel , I will briefly introduce it here and I hope to help you. If you need to know more about the decoration information of integrated ceiling, or need to know about other decoration, you can pay attention to our website, more exciting content, waiting for you.

Integrated ceiling ceiling installation integrated ceiling keel installation diagram

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