The bar is one of the places where young people often go to the entertainment venues. Here you can watch and drink while watching the live broadcast or listening to beautiful music to solve the pressure of people's lives, but a good bar comes out of service quality, it's decoration is also very important, the decoration was very special to be able to attract a large number of customers, the bar design and decoration have what the principle of it, pay attention to what it needs renovation bar, the following paper to tell you under the bar.

What are the principles of the bar design decoration ?

1, the space layout should be reasonable

The space layout of the bar is very important. To make the small bar able to accommodate as many guests as possible, we need a reasonable space layout, so that the guests will not feel any crowded and disorderly, but also meet the guests on the bar Certain requirements of the environment.

2, pay attention to the design of the bar walkways in the layout design

The aisle design of the bar needs attention. It cannot be too narrow and needs people to walk.

3, in the bar layout design attention to the choice of bar position

In the bar decoration design, guests need to enter the bar will be able to clearly see the position of the bar, to feel the presence of the bar, so we must set the bar in the most prominent position of the bar, all places in the bar to provide the most convenient Service.

4, to determine the style

In the bar decoration design, I still need to pay attention to the style of the bar decoration, only after the style is determined, it is easy for our decoration design.

Bar design decoration should pay attention to what

1, decoration of the color and material

Usually the night is the busiest time of the bar, and the night bar environment is relatively dim. Therefore, when the bar is decorated, it is best not to use a glass table top, it is best to use wood materials, so that the bar will appear warm color off, ease everyone tired Mood.

In the choice of decoration materials, it must be set according to the bar space and the customer's consumer psychology, the bar decoration effect with personal vision and touch depends largely on the choice of materials, if the material is not selected will affect the bar Overall decoration effect.

2, green decoration

The use of greenery in stocks in bars can transform our visual experience, allow customers to have a soft mood, and reduce the sense of space in the room. This is a vitality for the entire space.

3, atmosphere

The bar is a place where people pay attention to the atmosphere. Therefore, when designing a bar, it is necessary to fully consider the combination of color, lighting, and space.

Article summary: The above is about the bar design decoration which principles and the bar design decoration to pay attention to what the relevant introduction, the bar is a place to ease the pressure of young people, so the decoration design of the bar must be vivid and rich, can come to the bar customer Get your mind relaxed.

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